Code of Ethics

GRAZE Code of Ethics Summary: 

All affiliates of GRAZE have agreed to the following statements: 

  • We agree to maintain the integrity of all current, potential, and past clients who choose to partake in the services made available by GRAZE. To maintain honesty, respect, and responsibility within established boundaries of our services. 
  • We agree to maintain objectivity and a freedom from any bias both during and after services rendered.  
  • We agree to only provide services within our professional competence and due care. Should services requested reach outside of our training or experience we will do what is within our authority to assist in finding appropriate amenities.  
  • We agree to maintain the utmost standard of confidentiality. Anything said in individual meetings, within email, or any other form of communication made is strictly used within GRAZE for development of support strategies. No reports will be provided other than when suggesting further strategies if needed. No personal information or details about a scenario are shared with anyone outside of GRAZE, including the institution receiving our services.  
    • Our Licensed Clinical Social Worker maintains her own confidentiality through her license to provide services. However, due to this license she is a mandated reporter, meaning that if anyone presents a potential risk to themselves or anyone else she is required by law to report that individual. That report is not provided to the facility, but instead to the appropriate authorities of the area in which the individual is receiving her direct care.  
  • We agree to maintain professional behavior at all times: answering queries in a timely manner, respecting all on-grounds protocols when on site at a facility, following up as needed, and maintaining financial clarity during contracted services. 
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