The Terrible Ten

This month we are discussing a difficult topic; Critical Incidents. The World Health Organization (WHO), describes a critical incident as an event out of the range of normal experience, one which is sudden and unexpected, involves the perception of a threat to life and can include elements of physical and emotional loss. They go furtherContinue reading “The Terrible Ten”

Small Approximations to Create Big Change in Animal Care Work Culture: Overcoming A Toxic Environment

According to a recent study, there are five behaviors that create a toxic workplace environment.  The study found that while an organization may have a good culture overall, toxic individuals or teams of toxic individual’s aka “pockets of toxicity”; can have a profound impact on workplace culture. Knowing how to spot these behaviors in oneself and our team can help our industry transition into an industry known for valuing the welfare of the people working as much as it values the welfare of wildlife it cares for.

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