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Celebrate the Small Wins

As we wrap-up another year, for some this is a time of reflection, other a time of planning. Whether it’s next year’s budget, collection planning or simply setting personal goals, we tend to focus on the big achievements and major events. Often getting lost in, or even overwhelmed by the day to day grind ofContinue reading “Celebrate the Small Wins”

Gratitude: More than an Attitude, But a Science.

November seems to be synonymous with an “Attitude of Gratitude” and practicing being thankful for everything in your life. However, sometimes that can come off as invalidating, especially if one is going through a hard time! An Attitude of Gratitude is not a fad or promotion of toxic positivity (though it sometimes feels that way) but a well-being practice based in science.  

The Truth About Self-Care

When you hear someone talk about self-care, what comes to mind? Is it, relaxing in a spa, sitting in a quiet space journaling, meditating peacefully for hours on end…? That it is expensive and time consuming? Well, then you my friend may be stuck in the commercialized awareness of self-care! This picturesque imagery of a calmContinue reading “The Truth About Self-Care”

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