LynnLee Schmidt

Leaning Into the Discomfort of Personal Growth

LynnLee, the Integrator/COO at Tanganyika Wildlife Park, where she is tasked with connecting all the people and pieces needed to turn big visions into reality. Her dynamic role is instrumental in ensuring the park operates cohesively and efficiently. From managing teams to coordinating projects, LynnLee’s expertise spans across various aspects of the organization.

Beyond her role at Tanganyika, LynnLee also owns “Animals Amplified,” a renowned consulting company that provides professional development opportunities to frontline keepers and delivers innovative team culture and animal training strategies to zoos and aquariums. Her extensive experience in the industry, particularly with big cats, ambassador animals, and animal training, has made her a sought-after expert.

LynnLee’s enthusiasm for tackling challenges and bridging gaps between management and frontline staff is infectious. She is deeply passionate about empowering teams to create a positive and enriching environment for both animals and staff. In her mission to make a positive impact on the zoo industry and wildlife conservation, LynnLee’s commitment shines through in every aspect of her work.

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