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Support Services

Professional Coaching

Coaching is a one-on-one, co-creative partnership between coach and coachee that uses the power of questions and active listening to help the coachee achieve personal and professional goals or outcomes. Coaching is future focus and initiated by the coachee. Coaching bridges the gap between a coachee’s current situations and where the coachee wants to be in the future.  Coaching believes that the coachee is a fully capable person and supports them at any level to build awareness, empower solutions and leads the coachee to the change they want to see in their personal and professional life. Professional Coaching can be achieved through in-person, over the phone or video chat. 

Coaching has been shown to provide the following benefits to coachees: 

Trained Peer-led Support Services

Peer-led support is either one-on-one or group support that uses the unique experience of a trained peer to support team members experiencing a similar situation.  Trained peer-led supporters actively listen to team member’s challenges and concerns while sharing knowledge, guidance and expertise in tools and strategies for processing and coping situations. Peer-led support sessions can be achieved through in-person, over the phone or video chat. Peer-led support can be beneficial to industry professionals experiencing impacts of cumulative stress, compassion fatigue, grief or critical incident.

Virtual Support Group

GRAZE is getting ready to roll out a NEW service – a Virtual Support Group!

We know from our lived experiences that the challenges we face in this industry can sometimes leave us feeling isolated. The intention of this group is to have peers share time and space in an effort to unite us. Trained peers will be present to help guide conversations and ensure psychological safety.

If you have interest in taking part in our Beta Test please click the link below and complete registration. Once registered you can attend any of the scheduled group sessions. There is no cost associated with the service at this time, but we do ask that anyone that attends agrees to complete a post-experience survey so that we can learn and develop this strategy for other Zoo and Aquarium professionals in the future.

Current dates we have blocked are as follows, all are in Eastern Standard Time and they are scheduled for 1 hour: 9/15 6p; 9/21 7p; 9/27 8p; 10/3 9p; 10/11 6p; 10/19 8p; 10/27 7p; and 11/4 9p

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