Thriving Animal Professional Workshop

Registration is closed at this time. Workshop dates for 2023 will be posted soon. For information upcoming dates or how to bring this workshop to your institution, contact us

Cost: $127

In this 6 part workshop you will learn evidence based tools available to you, as well as how to individualize and implement those tools into your daily life in order to thrive in the animal profession. Each one-hour virtual module will be held live every other week and accompanied by a downloadable E-workbook. To best accommodate participants, the exact course schedule will be determined through a survey sent to registrants after registration has closed on October 27th at midnight PST. All virtual trainings will be recorded and accessible for registrants only.


  • Discovering your why : What does it mean to know “your why”, learn the benefits of knowing your why and how it can impact both your career and your life
  • Creating guideposts for success:  Learn how to get clear on your priorities and values and the impact these can have on burnout and compassion fatigue.
  • Time management for animal professionals:  Working with animals creates challenges when it comes to time management. Learn tools and strategies for managing your time and priorities in this unique field.
  • Opportunities to Thrive: Instead of just surviving in the animal profession, learn how to thrive as an animal professional.
  • Manage your Mindset and emotional health: Understand the impacts of mindset and emotions on the body and the quality of care we provide. Learn valuable skills for managing stress, mindset, emotion and why it even matters.
  • Maintaining momentum: Understand how habits are created and learn tools for implementing and maintaining new habits to go beyond surviving and actually thrive as an animal professional.

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