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Supporting Your Mental Well-Being

September 14th, 1PM-3PM EST
Volunteer Management Committee Meeting

AZA Annual Virtual Conference  

Stress, exhaustion and burnout are common occurrences in this industry but they don’t have to be.

This presentation will highlight the primary causes for stress, exhaustion and burnout as well as provide simple tools and strategies you can implement to minimize or prevent these occurrences. 



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VMC meeting

Past Events

Methods for Maintaining Meaning for Managers

May 17th, 7PM EST
Zoological Association of America Webinar

Methods for Maintaining Meaning for Animal Care Staff

April 19th, 7PM EST
Zoological Association of America Webinar

Mental Health:
Caring for Those That Care for our Animals

April 7th, 4PM EST
AZA Mid-Year Conference (Safety Summit)

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