Growing Resiliency for Aquarium and Zoo Employees

Bringing mental health support to those in the zoo and aquarium industry by raising awareness, sharing ideas, resources, and tools. 


How we take care of ourselves each day directly correlates to how we can take care of others. For the zoo and aquarium industry, nothing is more important than the welfare of the animals in our care – which means supporting the wellbeing of our staff is critical. GRAZE provides resources and training that support the mental health of industry staff and facilitate organizational shifts in that direction.

What We Do


We provide educational workshops, webinars, trainings and certifications on topics such as stress management, compassion fatigue, mental health first aid and team development.

Support Services

We offer supportive services to professionals beyond training. These services can be one-on-one or group.

Critical Incident Response

We can deploy a team of trained professionals to your site to assist with the mental health of staff during various types of incident response, including natural disasters and traumatic animal loss.

Why We Do What We Do

Professionals in the zoological industry face regular work stressors as well as unique challenges of compassion fatigue, burnout, and animal loss. The industry is just beginning to understand how critical proactive and responsive support for zoo and aquarium staff is.

With a combined 30 years of experience in the zoo and aquarium industry, we bring our knowledge and expertise to provide mental health support for industry professionals and resources for organizations to facilitate this shift towards the caring and keeping of our zookeepers, leaders and essential workers.

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