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Licensed Veterinary

Zoo Vet Tech Relief

Critical Incident Stress
Management (CISM) Certified

Erin McNally, LVT

G.R.A.Z.E Co-FounderShe/her

Erin McNally is a Credentialed Veterinary Technician working through Wildlife Aquatic Zoo Relief as a Relief Veterinary Technician at Zoo and Aquarium facilities across the country. Erin has worked in the Zoo and Aquarium industry since 2009, starting as a Veterinary Technician at the Toledo Zoo in Ohio. Erin has since worked as a Veterinary Technician at the Palm Beach Zoo in Florida and the Riverbanks Zoo in South Carolina before moving to Colorado. Since starting her career in 2009, Erin has been through multiple types of crises which has inspired a passion for mental health support in this field.

In 2019, Erin left her conventional zoo veterinary technician position to pursue a career choice that would allow the flexibility to share her extensive knowledge and expertise in zoological medicine, zoo tactical firearms training, facility safety, zoo and aquarium disaster response, and industry mental health support. Erin is a Certified Critical Incident Debriefer and is apart of the GRAZE Critical Response team. Erin has seen the benefit to having people with firsthand knowledge of this industry being the ones to provide on-site support. Having responded to assist industry colleagues post incident has motivated Erin to continue to build on resources available within the industry.

Certified Professional Coach

CEO / Owner –
Blissfully Grounded Coach, LLC

Critical Incident Stress
Management (CISM) Certified

Shannon McKinney, MS, CPC

G.R.A.Z.E Co-FounderShe/Her

Shannon McKinney, co-founder of GRAZE, Certified Professional Coach and CEO/owner of Blissfully Grounded Coach, LLC.  Shannon has worked in the Zoo and Aquarium industry since 2006, starting as an Animal Keeper and working her way up to Chief Animal Care Officer at Blank Park Zoo. Shannon left Blank Park Zoo in September 2021 to pursue coaching, consulting and training zoo and aquarium professionals full-time. Shannon has a Master Degree in Wildlife Ecology from Iowa State University. Shannon is a Certified Critical Incident Debriefer and is apart of GRAZE Critical Response team. Additionally Certified Reiki Master, and Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor. Shannon served 12 years in the Iowa Army National Guard, deploying to both Iraq and Afghanistan. Shannon uses her diverse skills and experiences to help zoo and aquarium professionals develop and implement science proven strategies to manage cumulative stress and build resiliency through professional coaching, training programs, workshops, and speaking engagements.


Achieving Corporate

Excellence, Inc

Critical Incident Stress
Management (CISM)

Cynthia Krosky, CSP, LCSW

G.R.A.Z.E Consultant & Subject Matter ExpertShe/Her

Cynthia Krosky, President of Achieving Corporate Excellence, Inc has over 20 years of involvement in Critical Incident Stress Management, as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW in the state of Florida), a Compassion Fatigue Therapist, and as an Approved and Certified Instructor in Group Crisis Intervention by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. Cynthia has been involved in work with the Florida Crisis Consortium working with the Behavioral Health Services for Emergency Management building plans for how to proactively prepare for responding to an event. She volunteers as the Clinical Director for the multidisciplinary emergency response team that serves three counties in Florida. In addition, to working with First Responders, over the last decade she has worked with Zoos and Aquariums responding post critical incidents which prompted her to be asked to doing presentations at the North American Veterinary Conference and the American Veterinary Medical Association addressing the industry regarding the need to proactively address tough topics ranging from suicide to handling tragedies at work from loss of animals or loss of a co-worker(s). Cynthia’s specializations as a Critical Incident Stress Debriefer include Corporate Crisis Intervention for Workplace Violence, working with Victims and Families in the Wake of Mass Disasters, responding after events of Domestic Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction Thus Cindy is often called on as part of an Emergency Response team Employee Assistance Programs, needing immediate responses to horrific events.

Cynthia Krosky is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) the highest earned recognition in the speaking industry. She provides keynotes and training programs for companies from all over the world. She uses her expertise in group dynamics, her educational understanding, and diversity of knowledge to help participants work together to increase performance and develop cohesiveness. She is involved in the Global Speakers Federation, the National Speakers Association, and the Society of Human Resource Professionals.

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